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Why you should integrate Marketing Automation and CRM

With a CRM integration you will get a better understanding of your buyers journey and a better basis for analysis by gathering all your sales and marketing data in one place. It’s all about communication and efficiency.

We interviewed Kelly Kandler, a Marketing Automation and CRM expert from Firefly Consulting in New York, to explain more. In this video she gives her view on how to do an integration project and why.

A CRM integration doesn´t have to be difficult

From a technical perspective, there are already many things prepared for you if you choose a well established CRM system. But knowing which marketing efforts that are driving quality leads and helping you close deals can be worth a lot.

With an integration you will be able to gather all relevant information on how sales are working with incoming leads and then adapt other channels to the sales process. At the same time, the marketing team will be able to provide the sales team with valuable information on how to work more effectively with prospects and close more deals. It’s a win-win!

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