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We are digital scientists. We test, evaluate, improve and develop your business.


At Infunnel, we are experts in Marketing Automation. We love problems. Especially when it comes to automation and better leads from digital channels. Infunnel is part of Real Agency Group, a Nordic agency network.

The Purpose

Infunnel exists because almost all companies have a smarter way in which to generate business from digital traffic. Half of all marketing works. The question is just which part. We are constantly looking for the answer and can provide a better and better answer every day. For each customer. For each project. The purchase journey of today is both digital and measurable. No matter which product, service or industry. For example, we do not believe that “Spray and Pray” is the right choice.
Read more about our methodology, The Infunnel Formula.

The Story

The founders of Infunnel were each impressed by the story of car dealer, Joe Girard. The world’s best car salesman. He sold more cars than anyone else has managed to. What we came across was that he was also a pioneer in Lead Management and Marketing Automation. It inspired us to build on what he started.

The Issue

We know that the funnel is just a model. Not all buyers follow the same route or there is hardly just one message that is right at each step of the purchase journey. But today we can test, measure, improve and start again. With our methodology The Infunnel Formula, we show the way to more leads.

The Sect

We call ourselves digital scientists. We are researching improved communication, more leads and higher conversions. Some of our idols are Marie Curie, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and last but not least, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Please ask us why!

Real Agency Group

As a part of RAG, we can offer you even more help and know how. The Real Agency Group have over 200 employees in 4 countries, working across a variety of disciplines. With expertise ranging from strategic Marketing Automation, CRM and Lead Management to Content Marketing, Distribution/SOME, Web Development, Display, Retargeting and SEO/SEM. Everything you need to support the digital purchase journey.


The first four headings above are derived from the model of trademark guru, Micko Grönholm for what a brand is. And no, we are not a sect in that way.

To know more about why we are the right Experts in Marketing Automation for your company, just ask us here.