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It´s straight forward, easy to understand. A few lines that describes our thinking, our methodology about Marketing Automation.


The Infunnel Formula frames everything we do. Sometimes we talk about Marketing Automation, sometimes Lead Management and sometimes about CRM. But the Infunnel Formula will always be a handrail to hold on to.

Adapted Process

We have a methodology that describes what to do to build a lead-creating ecosystem. Marketing Clouds, Websites, Apps, Social media and Programmatics. All we do is also based on one or more customer journeys. From a first digital print to a completed booking or a completed purchase. And! – from purchase to loyalty and recommendation.

+ Relevant Content

Different audiences and multiple buying steps require different messages. Message means content. At infunnel we cooperate with some of the world’s top storytellers, writers, filmmakers and illustrators. Because Marketing Automation is fueled by content. Read more about our methodology here: The infunnel Formula.

+ Actionable Analytics

Marketing today is nothing without data. Data is unusable without KPI:s and targets. Clarification of the links between goals and data requires graphs, diagrams and analysis that lead to improvements. What works? What doesn’t work? What do we do to constantly improve the results?

+ Leading Technology

We work with many different systems and technologies depending on customer needs and budget. Some of them have become our favourites, some we have built on or rebuilt and some we have built from scratch ourselves. We use technology from leading providers like Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce and Microsoft. To mention a few.

= Leads & Conversions

We never hover over the goal, the aim is always more and/or better leads and more conversions that improve the business. We do not compromise. Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you more about how we can help you with digital leads!


Do you want to start your Marketing Automation journey or see how you can improve your ongoing processes? Email us or visit us at our offices in Stockholm or Malmö. Our activities reach across northern Europe.