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Salesforce Pardot

Pardot is Salesforce’s marketing automation platform for B2B. Salesforce Pardot is the right choice if you already use Salesforce CRM and operate within business to business or with long buyer’s journeys.

Pardot is part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, but the concept Salesforce Marketing Cloud is primarily used for Salesforce’s other platform, formerly known as ExactTarget. One of the greatest advantages of selecting Pardot is the simplicity it offers in terms of integration with Salesforce CRM. It helps you along the entire buyer’s journey, from social media via your own channels and the entire way to CRM, to conversion and closed deal.

Getting underway with Salesforce Pardot

As always, it is not the technology that sets limitations — it is the process and organisation that do so. It is for this reason that we recommend Infunnel’s Marketing Automation Onboarding bundle if you want quick results. Here we set all procedures, models, measurement values and KPIs. We also establish a campaign plan to enable quick implementation of activities and campaigns aimed at driving leads.

Salesforce Pardot

Read more about Salesforce Pardot here.

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