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Pergite Lead Forms

Conversion forms are one of the most important components in terms of gathering data from and about leads in digital channels. The challenge is that there are inevitably different types of forms with different technologies on several different platforms.

There is one type on the website, a second type on the blog, a third type in the app and any number of different types on all of the campaign sites. Pergite Lead Forms can resolve this. Pergite Lead Forms integrate with all types of platforms and replace all other forms management systems. A simple shortcode is used to add the right form; it can be updated and managed centrally. The form can be easily connected to your CRM or marketing automation system, which means all of the data is gathered and categorised in one place.

From hundreds of conversion forms to just a few

Thanks to centralised management and smart technology, we can quickly replace the forms currently in use. With a short tag, the new forms are added to your website, blog or app. It might seem like a mere detail, but the gains in time and efficiency can be enormous. Start by taking inventory of how many forms you have today — in all channels and in all systems.

Below is a screenshot from the system. Book a demo today!

Pergite EForms

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