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Pergite Lead Campaign for Eloqua

A smarter email editor for Eloqua. When creating an email today, you want it to be responsive right away and for it to work with all of the most common email clients. You want to be able to create it quickly and for it to be template based.

Being able to process mailings outside of the large platforms is often preferable, since permissions can be specified that only allow emails to be created and/or sent. Pergite Lead Campaign e-mail editor for Eloqua gives you all of these advantages plus a few more. Some of Pergite ECampaign’s customers include Mercedes-Benz, Tetra Pak and Dentsply Sirona. Pergite Lead Campaign is an app for Eloqua. It can be managed in Eloqua’s interface as well as separately through web access.

Who needs an email editor for Eloqua?

If you create and send many emails, you understand that time is money, You also understand the importance of all emails having the highest possible technical quality to ensure they look good in all email clients. Pergite Lead Campaign, which was produced together with Infunnel’s customers, simplifies the process for both customers and agencies.

We help you get started

Installation is simple, and you will be on your way after quick training. We can also help out with your ongoing production of newsletters and nurturing flows.

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