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Pergite Lead Ads

Lead ads provide intelligent retargeting with display advertising, where you connect your digital advertising to the rest of your digital communication and, not least, with your own data.

The time has come to stop wasting money on advertising where conversion is uncertain. Start aiming advertising at targets whose interest is certain.


Så funkar det

When purchasing advertising, your own data is seldom used to target it. Instead, a message goes out to everyone who has done something specific such as visiting a website or opening an email. Our smart ads allow you to decide who should see what by using the data and knowledge you already have about your customers and their buying behaviours.



Assume that you send an email to Customer Group 1. For instance, you can show Advertisement A to everyone who opened Email 1, clicked but did not convert. You can instead show these individuals ads in an attempt to increase the conversion rate. Or you can delete contacts who are already customers from a campaign. There is money to earn.



The framework comes from Mopedo and a network of SSPs*. We quickly set up a DSP* of your own, and your messages get through in mere milliseconds. Just select DN, or millions of sites via SSP networks such as Rubicon, Google AdX, OpenX, Pubmatic, AdForm or Smaato. AppNexus and Facebook will be available soon. We use open networks so that you know where the ads are being shown or converted. You data is hidden behind a firewall for protection.

Under way in 24 hours


Getting started is quick. Create segments, message rules and a selection of strong ads. We will define your initial campaigns during the included workshop, and agree on a set monthly fee for management. You can get started on your first campaigns as early as 24 hours later. By setting your own advertising budget, you eliminate risk and can feel your way to the best conversion.

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  • DSP – Demand Side Platform
  • SSP – Supply Side System

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