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Oracle Eloqua

Here we present one of the world’s most utilised systems for marketing automation. The platform is deemed to be most appropriate for large companies within B2B or B2C which have long buyer’s journeys, for example companies that sell cars and homes. Eloqua is part of Oracle Marketing Cloud.

The company was initially Canadian, but was acquired by Oracle in 2012. Eloqua was first with its Campaign Canvas, which enables campaigns to be built seamlessly using drag and drop. This part of the system is still extremely powerful and under constant development.

Let us help you get underway with Eloqua

Infunnel started working with the system even before it was purchased by Oracle, and we know the platform better than most other companies in the industry. Our Marketing Automation Onboarding concept helps you get underway quickly, and to show measurable results including conversions, leads and more business.


Eloqua Campaign Canvas

Functionality — ten essential points

  1. Monitoring of digital and non-digital channels
  2. Lead scoring based on profile and activity
  3. Powerful segmentation tool
  4. Unique campaign creation with drag and drop
  5. Smart form tools
  6. Dynamic landing pages
  7. Dynamic email editor
  8. Database with all of your leads
  9. Follow-up, reporting, dashboards
  10. Readymade integrations with several systems such as DMP and CRM

Read more about Oracle Eloqua here

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