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Oracle Data Cloud, Bluekai DMP

DMP means Data Management Platform. But what is a DMP? In short, it is a system that can quickly and structurally create segments that you can use for your marketing. You can use your own “First Party” data, or with the help of the system, buy other’s data, called third party data. The insights, and the combination of these data can be used “live” for smarter segmentation in your other digital channels and systems.

As a partner to Oracle, we can help you get started with the market’s most powerful DMP, Oracle Blue Kai. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself, and as a DMP can provide answers to:

  1. Who are your customers?

  2. What characteristics define them?

  3. What products & services do they currently buy?

  4. What are they likely to buy next time?

  5. How do you reach more of them?

By analyzing a large amount of demographic, contextual, and behavioral related customer and campaign information, a DMP can help you answer these questions.

DMP Screenshot

Structure your data

A first step is to connect all their own data sources and let Bluekai DMP create order and save the data. Online data, CRM data, and ERP financial data.


Buy data from others

Once you have found a structure for your own data, the magic begins to combine with third party data, and simply put “Look” who else should also be potential customers, and start communicating with them in a targeted and relevant way.



There are many different ways you can use a DMP, here are some of the most common ways to get started:

Smart advertising & retargeting

Stop showing everything to everyone everywhere! Instead, base your display ads on data, and show the ad in the perfect mode at the customer’s purchase price when reaching a certain lead score, or make sure your ads turn off immediately after a conversion.

Better results in social media

By matching the data in your perfect segment with users in different social channels, you can reach the right audience and target your sponsored posts or ads to even sharper segments / audiences.

Reach the right audience on Mobile and in apps

Oracle DMP helps you reach the right person with the right message in the right mobile channels. Mobile is today our premier decision-making device, be sure to be there.

Gemini Analysis

Use your own data to match third party data to find more people with the same characteristics and behavior patterns as your best customers today.

Utvärdera dina annonskanaler/system

What do you use to advertise online today? Do you know how good or bad your results are? Oracle DMP, according to Oracle, gives you 30% more conversions, and can test how different ad tools / networks perform.

Let’s help you get started with Oracle DMP

Through our long experience of using digital data for smarter marketing, we know how to best set up and use a DMP. Combined with Oracle’s experts we have access to, we can give you a kick start when it comes to building a modern data-driven marketing. Of course, there is also a powerful integration into the Marketing Automation System Eloqua.

DMP DemystifiedDownload the brochure “DMP Demystified” to get an initial insight into how a DMP can improve your business.[PDF]

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