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Marketing Automation Training

Marketing Automation Training is a smart investment. Digital transformation places high demands on you as an employee and/or manager. The training combines theory with hands-on exercises for better understanding of concepts such as lead scoring, nurturing, gating and buyer’s journey.

Having worked together as a team for over five years combined with our experience from several major leads and marketing automation projects means we have learned a great deal. We would like to share our experience and expertise with you. We offer a series of training sessions that can either be used as part of an ongoing project or as entirely separate upskilling. The training period generally lasts two days, and the sessions can be held at your place of business or at our premises on Södermalm in Stockholm.


MA Training is appropriate for several different situations:

  1. When you need basic knowledge to make the right decisions, buy the right system and produce the right organisation. For this situation, we offer Marketing Automation Kickstarter, which is a crash course in the basic principles of marketing automation.
  2. When it comes time to start a campaign aimed at converting leads, we raise the bar. We delve into the best way to create a campaign and carry on a dialogue with the customer along the entire buyer’s journey. Time for Marketing Automation Launcher.
  3. During the third step, the technical complexity increases, and we go more in-depth into how integration between marketing and sales, the marketing automation system and CRM should function and how sales and marketing can collaborate in relation to lead management. This step involves Marketing Automation Master.

Why choose Marketing Automation Training?

The most obvious answer is naturally to be able to demonstrate ROMI — return on marketing investment, which involves being able to understand, implement and demonstrate the benefits of the company’s digital marketing. Digital development has reached lightning speed.

How it works

Our marketing automation training sessions have a maximum of 10 participants, and are preferably held at your premises where your business is in focus. The training segment is frequently a deliverable in our Marketing Automation Onboarding or Marketing Automation Ongoing, but it can also be offered separately. When training is provided separately, we will meet to discuss your needs and expectations beforehand. All preparation, presentations and study materials are included.


  • Setting the right demands on the organisation and campaigns facilitated
  • Common terminology at the company
  • More perceptive marketing and sales team
  • Better buyers and procurement documentation

Thank you for letting us know!