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Marketing Automation Ongoing

Marketing Automation Ongoing is exactly what it sounds like: ongoing support for your digital marketing.

Focus is on generating more and better leads, conversions and purchases on an ongoing basis. We provide support in the entire ecosystem from distribution in social media channels and advertising to content hubs, apps, CRM and, above all, measurement and data-based analysis. This support helps you make the right decisions moving forward.

Marketing Automation Ongoing

MA Ongoing is the right choice if your marketing automation or digital leads process has already been initiated. Perhaps some areas need to be optimised or improved. Perhaps new integrations or system selections are required. MA Ongoing is frequently a continuation of Infunnel Onboarding, which is our start-up package. We begin with an audit — are all of the elements in place? Then we activate campaigns which are automated in a stepwise fashion and analysed. Real data should form the basis for decisions regarding new initiatives and marketing budgets. We help out with everything from personalised content, data-driven distribution, nurturing and business intelligence.

In addition to ongoing production, we meet regularly in workshops to take an in-depth look at the statistics to see how our KPIs are performing and to recommend next steps based on the data. The workshops are generally held monthly or every other month.


  • Access to top expertise during the entire buyer’s journey
  • Ongoing skills development
  • Possibility to measure return on marketing investment
  • Ongoing results in the form of leads and conversions
  • Clear cooperation process for sales & marketing

How does it work?

You pay a set monthly fee at a level agreed by the two parties. The fee includes a dedicated team, annual plan, monthly analysis workshops, optimisation, training, campaign work and support. We serve as your own leads department, and we gain in-depth understanding of your business in the process.

Getting started

Get in touch, and we will go through the process and set a time for the initial automation audit. Consider which individuals in your organisation are most suitable to take part in a project group or steering committee.

Thank you for letting us know!