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Marketing Automation Onboarding

Our Marketing Automation Onboarding bundle helps you to produce the right business objectives and measurement points, as well as to implement appropriate marketing automation systems. We set the strategy and make a plan for moving forward together.

At the same time, we make sure you get underway with your initial leads-generating campaigns and can quickly show results. It is impossible to know whether your ship is going to come in until you launch it. Or in other terms, you can’t begin to analyse and take action on your data until you publish.

Is MA Onboarding right for you?

This is the right choice if you want to show measurable results from your marketing and how your digital channels generate business. Do you want to know how many leads come from your website, blog and social channels? MA can give you the answer.

Why choose Marketing Automation Onboarding?

Demands on being able to demonstrate the effects of your marketing from inception to closed deal are becoming increasingly vigorous. Marketing automation provides:

– ROMI – return on marketing investment

– Direct results in the form of real leads

– Clear process for sales and marketing

– Better tools for simple measurement and improvements


Recommended project steps

There are only five simple steps to your first marketing automation campaign. And we start measuring the effect immediately.

  1. Workshop: objectives & planning
  2. System installation
  3. Email & web templates
  4. Training
  5. Introduction campaign

Time and demands

With a dedicated resource provided by you as the customer, a clear picture of the target groups plus good content, our MA experts can create your first campaign, which will generate results after only two months. Don’t delay — try out Marketing Automation Onboarding from Infunnel.

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