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Marketing Automation Feasibility Study

Our Marketing Automation Feasibility Study aims to promote understanding within the organisation and to establish concepts, terminology and models, and to obtain a framework and a plan for beginning to work in a new way.


Is our MA Onboarding Feasibility Study right for you?

This is the right choice if you have been discussing leads for a long time without getting anything off the ground. The same applies if you have several systems in place, but have not been able to run campaigns, measure results or deliver quality leads in a coordinated manner.

Why conduct a feasibility study?

We want to emphasise that the result is an action plan — not just a written report. The feasibility study helps you obtain a common picture, use the same terminology, adopt the same approach to working methods and identify what defines a quality lead in your specific organisation.

Project steps

We primarily conduct our feasibility study in workshop format where we ask questions, work in groups, discuss and draw conclusions. The results are documented step-by-step and form the basis both for a final report and a presentation. A brief summary is as follows:

  1. Kickoff meeting to set objectives, expectations, agreements and times
  2. Workshop I – Lead Flow & Data
  3. Workshop II – Campaign & Content
  4. Workshop III – Tech & Integration
  5. Final Report & Documentation

Infunnel’s MA Feasibility Study is summarised and delivered in what we call Infunnel Leadgen Workbook™.

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