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Marketing Automation Distribution

One of the clearest conclusions in almost all projects is that the power that exists in targeted, well-made and measurable distribution is often underestimated.

Distribution refers to group-targeted and conversion-oriented sharing in social media such as organic posts and sponsored posts. It pertains to search engine optimisation, digital advertising and data-driven retargeting. We always need to be able to measure conversion to MQL or purchase from the first touch point. At Infunnel, we are experts at solving this puzzle.

Who needs Marketing Automation Distribution?

If you are happy with figures that describe clicks and visits, click here. If you are interested in measuring how each social media channel converts to leads, quality leads and closed deals, stay with us.

If you are also interested in how display advertising can be used for data-driven retargeting, including very precise segmentation and optimisation of advertising channels, have a look at the Pergite Eads product. Please let us know if you would like to see a demo.

Other new components in our smart distribution:


How does it work?

Using your marketing automation campaigns as the point of departure, we create a set of activities aimed at driving quality traffic to your content hub or to your landing pages — quality traffic that renders high conversion. This includes organic posts, sponsored posts, lead ad forms and display advertising where we use your own data to personalise the message.

We measure which messages, formats and channels have the best conversion, and adjust ongoing campaigns, posts and ads based on the results.

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