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Marketing Automation CRM Integration

CRM integration does not have to be difficult. From a purely technical perspective, a great deal has already been readied if you select an established system.

The tricky part involves the decisions you have to make regarding which information should be moved as well as where and when. Infunnel can help you select the appropriate configuration. We will jointly put your Integration Workbook together during a series of workshops. Then it only takes a couple of days to set it up.


Is CRM integration right for you?

This is the right choice if you want to take control over your leads and to provide your sales force with qualified leads at the appropriate time. CRM integration is also a good choice if your salespeople are required to report how leads have been processed. Has the customer been contacted? Did the customer have the necessary budget? How much did the customer buy? Other criteria that can be used for further segmentation, advocacy or upsales are also important.

A workshop agenda might be organized as follows:

  • Introduction to the day, participants and roles
  • Review of the current/selected CRM tool
  • Review of strategy and design
    • Data model
    • Closed-loop reporting
    • Sales enablement
  • Configuration
    • Data model
    • General decisions on the data model; required fields for:
    • Leads
    • Contacts
    • Accounts
    • Campaigns
    • Opportunities
    • Custom objects
  • Conclusion and next steps

When this is completed, we produce a data model summary, or as we call it: “Integration Workbook”. The Integration Workbook serves as documentation of how all of the fields and flows are connected. As a customer, you have the opportunity to revise and discuss for a brief period before we carry out the integration and provide the required training for the organisation.


Time and demands

We prefer to work quickly, make assumptions and then test our hypotheses in reality. We can cover a lot of ground over the course of a full-day workshop. Creating a perfectly correct buyer’s journey is not realistic, but an initial integration can quickly provide valuable data on what is right and what can be improved. It is important that you provide a group of individuals who are well acquainted with the buyer’s journey and who can make decisions regarding CRM.


Kelly on Integration

Have a look at Martin’s discussion with Kelly Kandler, our integration expert in New York. She has completed over 100 marketing automation – CRM integrations.

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