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Marketing Automation Content Partner

Content is the fuel of marketing automation. Your customers need consistently positive and dedicated stories and information to guide them through the buyer’s journey. You need content to get visits to turn into leads. Marketing Automation Content Partner is the right choice if you already understand this.

It can be difficult to produce all of your content in-house. Sometimes you can become blind to your own flaws and think too much from the inside out. We can help out in this respect with our network of top Nordic editors, writers, art directors and filmmakers. Being part of Spoon Group means we can offer most content-related services, which can be obtained through a Content Partner subscription.


Who needs Marketing Automation Content Partner?

From the perspective of the buyer’s journey, there are many reasons to buy content:

  • You need to produce more inspiring content
  • The company is in an expansion phase
  • Your in-house resources are insufficient
  • The company lacks the expertise
  • It is less expensive than employing someone
  • You gain access to a competent network


How does it work?

The main principle is that we agree on a set monthly basic fee for a subscription. You can then add content based on a price list according to the principles below, where A indicates a simpler character and C a more advanced delivery. Content is created to suit a specific persona, at a certain phase in the buyer’s journey and in relation to a specific topic.


Content Type A

Re-vamp of existing material; new articles based on existing material. Article, PDF or brief video based on existing material. Blog post, short online article, brief video in interview format or a 1-2 page white paper.


Content Type B

Infographics, online article based on an interview, standard video based on an interview or short ebook/case study.


Content Type C

Produced and animated video or an ebook on a specific topic.

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