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Marketing Automation Audit

Marketing Automation Audit aims to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses in the current ecosystem, and to create more and better leads by employing the right measures.

How can you take better advantage of the investments you have already made in CMS, CRM, social media channels, blog platforms and email systems? You may not be completely on top of who your visitors actually are, what they like or who is on the brink of buying your products or services. With MA Audit, we guide you through the most important steps needed to optimise your leads management and marketing automation.

Is Marketing Automation Audit right for you?

This is the right choice if you want to show measurable results from your marketing and to demonstrate how your digital channels generate business. The service is aimed at companies that want to know how many leads originate from their website, blog and social media channels — what the situation is today and, above all, what is possible tomorrow. Perhaps you have some systems in place, but have not yet reached your desired results?

Why should you start using marketing automation today?

Demands on being able to demonstrate the effects of your marketing from inception to closed deal are becoming increasingly vigorous. Marketing automation provides:

  • ROMI – return on marketing investment
  • Direct results in the form of real leads
  • Clear process for sales and marketing
  • Better tools for simple measurement and improvements


We go through:

  • Your current situation and challenges
  • Opportunities and pitfalls related to marketing automation
  • Buyer’s journeys; how to follow and initiate a discussion with a lead
  • Important concepts such as funnel stages, lead scoring and nurturing
  • Content and campaign strategy for MA
  • Platform selection and integration



  • A start-up meeting where we set objectives and expectations
  • Three (3) workshops, approx. 6 hours each:
  • WS1 – Lead Flow & Data
  • WS2 – Campaigns & Content
  • WS3 – Systems & Integrations
  • A presentation of the conclusions and recommendations moving
  • forward
  • A structured report – Lead Generation Workbook, LGWB™ including business case and action plan


Time and demands

We set aside at least two days, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., to work together. There will be a third workshop if you would also like assistance in selecting tools and integration. This is intended for the CXO and/or employees with digital marketing responsibilities.

Thank you for letting us know!