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Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads allow you to create conversion as early as in the social media channel. By combining your sponsored posts with a form, you can get customers and leads to share their data with you. They can sign up for or download something, or register for an event.

You can use several different ads and measure which one has the best conversion. Try different CTAs, messages and target groups. Facebook’s powerful segmentation tool helps you choose.

Infunnel helps you get started with Facebook Lead Ads

By creating and integrating a form on Facebook, we can send data directly to our MA system, trigger the nurturing program and add Facebook as a component in our campaign flow. Try out different ads linked to your form as well as different types of calls to action. Infunnel knows the best way to set up your campaign, and we know how to connect the form to your CRM or marketing automation system.

Facebook Lead Ads

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