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Help to Help: Crowdfunding for education

In the case of a humanitarian crisis, the international community sends doctors to help. However, once the project is over, the doctors leave the place and local communities stay on with little medical support. How do you solve this? Ask Help to Help!
When Malin Cronqvist volunteered in East Africa in 2010, she witnessed this situation and decided to take actions to solve the issue. She came back to Sweden with an idea: Crowdfunding university education for future doctors in East Africa. This is how the NGO Help to Help started.

Crowdfunding to support university education

University education is often seen as out of reach for most students in countries like Tanzania or Uganda. Not only in terms of university fees but also as a social barrier. This is why an idea like crowdfunding university educations can seem simple at first but it actually has a much broader reach: it is about enabling one person to be his or her family support, show the surroundings that it is possible and be the changemaker in their community.

From education to impact

To ensure a real impact, Help to Help offers funding to pay for university, help to find support for housing as well as workshops on how to integrate with the job market. This is the Help to Help effect, to go from results (more university graduates) to impact (doctors and engineers helping their communities).

Malin Cronqvist and her team have already started to see the results of their efforts: So far, Help to Help has enabled education for 208 students in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, 60 of which have graduated. And this is only the beginning.


From Marketing Automation Strategy to action

At infunnel, we were looking for a high-impact project to support at the beginning of 2018. This is when we met the Help to Help team. We have been impressed by the team’s dedication, their drive towards supporting the students holistically and the amount of work everyone at Help to Help put in to get there.

We decided to support them with Marketing Automation Strategy workshops to help each donor better understand the impact of their donations. However, we thought that their efforts and impact deserved something more. This is why we together with our colleagues, clients and everyone who wants to participate, decided to launch a fundraiser to support the Help to Help effect.

Be part of the Help to Help effect: donate!

You are also welcome to a be part of this fundraiser to support Help to Help. Together, we aim at fundraising 25.000 SEK before December 31st, 2018.

25.000 SEK means one year of tuition fees for a medical student in Tanzania.

How to be a part of the initiative? 

It is very simple, donate as an individual or as a company with Swish or to a Bankgiro.
Swish: Participate by swishing 100 SEK or more to “123 900-5406” with the message “infunnel + your@email”.
Bank transfer: Participate by making a transfer of 100 SEK or more to the BankGiro: 900-5406 with the message “infunnel + your@email”.

Thank you for your support!
We will update this page regularly so visit us again to see how the fundraiser is advancing.


To know more about Help to Help, discover them directly from Malin’s words:

We will present the results of this campaign by email to everyone who participates and if we meet the goal, Malin will teach us about how to focus on impact rather than results.

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